Wills & Trust

Wills & Trust

Will and trust are essential tools in estate planning. While a will dictates how assets should be distributed, a trust provides additional flexibility and control over asset management. Our experienced team will aid you in creating robust legal documentation to safeguard your legacy with clarity and security, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 


A legal document that directs asset distribution and specifies guardianship and other wishes after death. 

Ensures your wishes are followed and prevents family disputes over asset distribution. 

Legal arrangement holding assets for beneficiaries, offering privacy and control over distribution. 

Avoids probate, minimizes taxes, and allows gradual asset distribution. 

Revocable trusts can be changed, while irrevocable trusts generally cannot. 

Yes, through creating new documents or amendments, especially after major life changes.

If you pass away without a will in Singapore, your assets will be distributed according to intestacy laws. This follows a predetermined legal formula, potentially differing from your wishes. 

Yes, they can complement each other, with the will directing assets to the trust. 

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