Permanent Resident Application

Permanent Resident Application

We excel in simplifying permanent residence applications, managing logistics and documentation for you and your family. With our expert support, confidently navigate through the complexities and achieve your goal. Contact us for assistance and benefit from our extensive immigration knowledge, to increase your chances of success. 


Categories include professionals, technical personnel, investors, spouses and children of Singapore citizens or PRs, and aged parents of Singapore citizens. 

Required documents typically include identity documents, educational certificates, employment records, income tax assessments, and family-related documents. 

Common reasons include incomplete documentation, insufficient ties to Singapore, low economic contribution, discrepancies in information, and changes in immigration policies. 

Options include appealing the decision, addressing deficiencies in the application, reapplying after addressing concerns, or seeking alternative visa options. 

The application fee is SGD$100. Successful applicants will also pay a $20 fee for the Entry Permit. The total fees each successful PR applicant is therefore $120. 

Our company can provide guidance on eligibility, assist with document preparation, offer advice on strengthening your application, and support you throughout the application process. 

Processing times vary, but it usually takes around 4 to 6 months for the ICA to process and make a decision on a PR application, with some applications taking longer to process. 

We bring the best solutions that meets your requirements

Knowledge & Expertise

In-depth local knowledge spanning over 15 years ensures regulatory compliance & risk-minimized processes.

Proactive & Timely

We take a proactive approach in managing regulatory deadlines and tax submissions to always ensure compliance.

Customized Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We strive to understand & address individual needs with customized solutions to help clients achieve specific goals.

Strategic Advisory Services

Beyond compliance, we provide strategic guidance to optimize business structures, reduce tax liabilities, & navigate complicated regulatory environments.

Regular Updates

Clients can expect regular updates on business environment developments & other pertinent information. Our proactive communication empowers you to make the best-informed decisions.

Quality Assurance

Clients can count on us to maintain the highest standards & meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our work, from financial reporting to legal documents.

Accessibility & Responsiveness

Being readily available & responding promptly to queries are critical aspects of our commitment to client satisfaction.

Continual Education

Continuous training for staff ensures ongoing improvement to deliver high-quality services with integrity & professionalism.