Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

A strong start sets the stage for success. Let us handle the hassle of incorporating your business, ensuring a seamless and legally compliant beginning. With our knowledgeable team guiding you through every step, we streamline your incorporation journey. Consider the stage ready for your business endeavours. 


There are several benefits to incorporating a company in Singapore, these include:

  • Political Stability: Singapore’s stable political climate provides a safe and conducive environment for businesses to operate and grow
  • Strong legal framework: The robust legal system offers strong protection for investors and ensures enforceability of contractual agreements.
  • Strategic location: Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Singapore provides easy access to major markets in the region, facilitating international trade and business expansion.
  • Pro-business: Singapore is known for its pro-business stance with streamlined regulations and extensive government support services aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Easy access to talent: With a highly educated workforce, it is relatively easy to find skilled professionals in wealth management.
  • Favourable tax regime: The corporate tax rate is low at 17%. There are no capital gains or withholding taxes and a wide array of tax incentives and exemptions is available.

Incorporating a company in Singapore offers several tax benefits, which contribute to its attractiveness as a business destination:

Low Corporate Tax Rate: Singapore maintains a competitive corporate tax rate of 17%, which is among the lowest globally for developed economies.

Tax Exemption Scheme for New Startups: Newly incorporated companies can enjoy significant tax exemptions under the Start-Up Tax Exemption (SUTE) scheme where companies enjoy 75% exemption on the first S$100,000 of normal chargeable income for the first three consecutive years and an additional 50% exemption on the next S$100,000 of normal chargeable income.

One-Tier Tax System: Singapore operates on a one-tier corporate tax system where taxes paid by a company on its profits are not subject to further taxation when dividends are distributed to shareholders. This eliminates double taxation of corporate profits.

Absence of Capital Gains Tax: Singapore does not impose taxes on capital gains, except in certain specific cases like gains from the sale of properties held as trading assets.

No Withholding Tax on Dividends: Dividends paid by a Singapore company to its shareholders are not subject to withholding tax, irrespective of whether the shareholder is a resident or non-resident.

Extensive Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAs): Singapore has a comprehensive network of DTAs with over 80 countries, which helps to reduce the incidence of double taxation on income earned in foreign jurisdictions.

Foreign-Sourced Income Exemption: Subject to certain conditions, foreign-sourced income received in Singapore by a Singapore tax resident company may be exempt from tax, further enhancing Singapore’s attractiveness as a regional or global hub for businesses.

There are several types of business entities available in Singapore, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd)
  • Public Company Limited by Shares
  • Subsidiary Company
  • Branch Office
  • Variable Capital Company (VCC)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee

Yes, we can provide guidance based on your specific business goals, operational needs and regulatory considerations.

Consultation and Assessment: Conduct an initial consultation to understand your business objectives, ownership preferences, liability concerns and growth plans.

Expert Advice: Based on our expertise and knowledge of Singapore’s business environment, we can provide expert advice on the various business structures available and their implications.

Structuring Recommendations: We recommend the most appropriate business structure that aligns with your goals, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, private limited company, etc.

Regulatory Compliance: We guide you through the regulatory requirements and legal considerations associated with each business structure, ensuring compliance with Singapore laws.

Implementation Support: Once a structure is chosen, Watershore can assist with the incorporation process, including preparing necessary documentation, filing with relevant authorities like ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority), and setting up corporate governance frameworks.

Ongoing Support: We can also provide ongoing support with corporate secretarial services, compliance monitoring, and advice on operational matters as your business grows.

To incorporate a company in Singapore, you will need to prepare and file several key documents. Here are the general steps:

  1. Register the company name. Choose a unique company name at ACRA website and submit an online application. ACRA will review and approve the name if available.
  2. Registered Address. You need to provide a local Singapore address that will serve as the registered office of the company. This address will be used for official correspondence. Individuals associated with business entities must, in addition to providing a residential address, also file a contact address at which they can be reached in person or by post.
  3. Prepare the company constitution. This is a legal document that sets out the key characteristics of a company (company’s name, objectives, and share structure) and internal rules governing its operations. It stipulates the rights and obligations of its participants including its shareholders, directors and company secretaries.
  4. Appoint directors whereby at least one director who must be a Singapore resident (citizen, permanent resident, or holder of an Employment Pass/ EntrePass).
  5. Appoint a qualified company secretary within 6 months of incorporation.
  6. Designate Shareholders and paid-up capital. Declare the amount of share capital and the number of shares each shareholder will hold. At least one shareholder (can be the same person as the director) and shareholders can be individuals or corporate entities.
  7. File the incorporation documents with ACRA. Submit documents (e.g. MAA, name reservation, details of directors, shareholders, and secretary, registered office address etc) and payment of registration fees.
  8. Obtain a business registration number (UEN) from ACRA. This is a unique 9-digit number issued to your company upon approval of incorporation.
  9. Open a business bank account. You will need the UEN and other documents to open a bank account for your new company.
  10. Register for GST and CPF. GST registration with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is applicable if your turnover exceeds S$1 million and Central Provident Fund (CPF) registration for employees.
  11. Apply for licenses and permits required for your business activities.

Watershore, a regulatory and compliance service provider, can assist companies with the following key requirements:

  1. File annual returns and financial statements.
  2. Maintain accurate financial records.
  3. Hold annual general meetings and keep minutes.
  4. Comply with tax regulations.
  5. Renew permits/licenses.
  6. Adhere to regulatory standards.
  7. Fulfil statutory obligations.
  8. Update company details as needed.

Requirements for appointing directors in Singapore are straightforward. Directors can be appointed either by the existing board of directors or shareholders, depending on the company’s constitution. There are no mandatory qualifications required to be appointed as a director in Singapore. However, directors are expected to act with reasonable diligence and care in carrying out their duties. They must also comply with relevant laws and regulations, disclosing any conflicts of interest.

Yes, according to the Singapore Companies Act, every company must have at least one local resident. The local resident director is responsible for ensuring compliance with Singapore laws and regulations, including financial reporting, tax filing and other statutory obligations.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and do not have a local resident to fulfil this requirement, Watershore can provide nominee director services. The nominee director shall not be actively involved in the management of the company beyond compliance duties.

Yes, Watershore can assist in appointing a nominee director (ND) for your company. However, please note that NDs shall not be actively involved in the management of the company beyond compliance duties and cannot act as the sole director actively involved in business operations.

Incorporating a company in Singapore typically involves an instant name reservation process via ACRA’s BizFile system, followed by a 1 to 3-day incorporation period, provided all required documents are correctly prepared and submitted. Upon approval, ACRA issues a Certificate of Incorporation, marking the official start of business operations.

To incorporate a company in Singapore, you will need to prepare and file several key documents:

Company Name Approval: Before incorporating, you need to reserve a name for your company. This can be done online through BizFile, the online filing system of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Company Constitution: This is a legal document that sets out the key characteristics of a company (company’s name, objectives, and share structure) and internal rules governing its operations. It stipulates the rights and obligations of its participants including its shareholders, directors and company secretaries.

Particulars of Shareholders, Directors and Company Secretary: You need to provide details of the shareholders (individuals or corporate entities) who will own the company. You must appoint at least one director who is ordinarily resident in Singapore (Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Employment Pass holder). This includes their names, nationalities, identification number, addresses, and the number of shares each will hold. You also need to appoint a qualified company secretary within six months of incorporation.

Registered Address: You need to provide a local Singapore address that will serve as the registered office of the company. This address will be used for official correspondence. For individuals associated with business entities, they must in addition to providing a residential address also file a contact address at which they can be reached in person or by post.

Watershore’s company incorporation services provide many advantages for businesses which include:  

  • Speed and efficiency: Watershore handles all the paperwork and administrative requirements to register your company quickly and accurately, saving you time and stress.
  • Expert knowledge: Watershore’s team consists of legal and tax experts who stay up to date on changing regulations to ensure your company complies with all requirements.
  • Support services: In addition to incorporation, Watershore offers ongoing support services like tax filing, registered agent services, and accounting to simplify business management.
  • Cost savings: Using Watershore’s services can be more cost-effective than hiring individual professionals to handle each task for your new company.
  • Peace of mind: Watershore acts as your advocate to guide you through the complex process of starting a business and ensures everything is done properly from the beginning.

Company incorporation creates a legal entity. The incorporated company becomes a separate legal entity from its owners and managers. This allows the company to enter into contracts, own assets, and sue or be sued.  

Company registration simply registers the company with regulatory bodies. A registered company is not necessarily incorporated. Registration provides the company a business license to operate legally but the owners remain personally liable.  

At Watershore, we offer both incorporation and registration services to help you establish your business entity efficiently.

Watershore provides an affordable and comprehensive company incorporation service in Singapore. While the company aims to provide value for money, incorporation costs vary between service providers based on the level of service and support offered. Customers should compare various options to determine the cheapest option based on their specific requirements. Watershore offers a range of incorporation packages and add-on services to suit different business needs.

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